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May Meeting: Admiral Harry Harris5/9/2018 - Pensacola Country Club

Fellow Tigers, 

At our last meeting, Senator Broxson remarked that we are facing new challenges that require new thinking.  Panhandle Tiger Bay makes a habit of discussing new challenges andhearing from those experts and leaders who confront them, which is why I am proud that Admiral Harry Harris will address our club on May 9th.   

Admiral Harris, along with the 375,000 American military and civilian personnel he leads, faces new challenges everyday.  How do we reduce North Korea’s drive to develop nuclear weapons capable of striking the United States?  How do we manage the growth of China and its aggressive  reach into the South China Sea?  How do we stop terrorists from gaining a foothold in the Pacific?  How do we re-assure our friends in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the Philippines, and elsewhere, such as Taiwan, that America will support and protect them? 

Pacific Command encompasses about half the earth's surface.  Pacific Command's area of responsibility is complex; it is diverse; and it is replete with challenges unlike those we face anywhere else on Earth.

Pacific Command is a command of superlatives; two of the world’s three largest economies (China and Japan); the first and second most populous countries in the world (China and India); the largest Muslim state in the world (Indonesia), and list continues.....Admiral Harris' purview, the Asia-Pacific Region, is where the weight of the world's political and economic power is moving. 

Admiral Harris is a man of superlatives as well, which is why two presidents have entrusted the care of the Pacific to a man from Pensacola.  Soon, this career naval officer will become America's ambassador to Australia.   

With all of the demands placed on him and his command, I am grateful that Admiral Harris will share his time and insights with us and sincerely hope to see you there.  It says much about us as an organization that a leader of Admiral Harris’ caliber will address us.

Our meeting will be on Wednesday, May 9, 2018, from 11:00-12:30pm, at the Pensacola Country Club.  It is open to Tiger Bay Club members and their guests.

Please RSVP soon so that we can make the appropriate venue and seating arrangements.




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